“Just over two years ago, a bulletin board notice came to my attention, involving a ‘Coffee Shop Counselling type service’. I decided to check this out and gave Michael a call.

From the first time I spoke with Michael, I felt a special connection. Michael is shy yet personable, and always honest. This is what resonated with me.

A couple of months after our last call, I bumped into Michael socially. At this time, I was going through a personal crisis and was in great need of a counsellor. Because I already had a WCB award for counselling, I asked Michael to help and he agreed.

I had tried other counsellors but had never found anyone who could really help me, as I am a spiritually based person. Michael is the only counsellor I’ve consulted who not only understood this but embraced it.

Today I am so much better!

Thank you, Michael.”

-J.M, Present Client


“I recommend Michael [as] a good guy to talk to if you are having personal issues.

We went to the beach and he heard what I had to say in a non-judgmental way. I think Michael likes to listen and he has an opinion that never felt judgmental to me. I spoke to him more than once. I would say that he is a trustworthy guy that knows what privacy means.

I can confidently say that Michael is a unique, young professional therapist that knows what he is doing.”

-Dan,  Former Client