Replanting The Garden


I consider the Garden of Eden story to be one of the most powerful pieces of lore in our collective human history. It points to the reality that human beings used to inhabit, and how we moved into a divisive world where we became aware of Good and Evil; moving from a state of absolute divinity into a space of mental comparisons, separation, and fear.

Being provided for by a garden of endless abundance is almost unthinkable in today’s society. And yet, there are people who are living off the grid, growing their own food, and able to survive and thrive by harnessing their God-given creative passions. One could say, they are replanting the Garden of Eden in the modern day.

How does one get to this place in themselves where such a radically different life can be realized?  In looking at my own life, it can be useful to examine both what I am doing, and what needs to be left behind. At the end of the day, it is fear and compulsive behaviors that prevent us from creating and living the life we truly desire, and truly deserve.

Fear is like the desert that has rendered our garden barren. Rather than revitalizing and replanting the soil, much of humanity has been caught up in chasing mirages across the desert. Addictions are like the dirty comfort blankets we cling to. They give us a false sense of security and safety, and yet are making us sick and stopping us from truly moving forward.

My counseling practice is called “Seeds of Love” because we all have the ability to plant and cultivate something better in our lives. The difficulty arises when we plant a seed and expect a lush, abundant garden to grow overnight. The fall from the Garden of Eden may have been rather sudden, but our return will in most cases be very gradual and very worth it.

Having worked as a gardener, I’ve experienced the ordinary miracle of watching a tiny seed grow into a beautiful, abundant plant. The best part is realizing the connection I have to that whole process; my love and care is an intrinsic component of the growth of the garden.

Working with my clients is very similar in many ways. All of our problems can be boiled down to a lack of self-love and a forgetting of our own true nature; what our intrinsic blueprint actually is. Just like a seed will not sprout and grow if it is not in the right environment, a person cannot flower and blossom if it is always inundated with toxicity.

To weave the metaphors further, it is like a gardener who puts a seed on some dirty rocks and then starts screaming at it to get growing. In society, we have harmful self-talk and negative beliefs that prevent us from actualizing our potential. I’ve talked with clients who have been putting up with various forms of abuse from people in their lives for a long time.

My work with these clients involves them pulling away from abusive people and beginning the work of cultivating a loving relationship with themselves. If we take the Garden of Eden story more literally, we can observe many people blaming God or Satan for why we no longer seem to dwell in the paradise we yearn for.

And yet, the onus lies with humanity—both individually and collectively. We choose to listen to “Satan” whispering temptations to us. We choose to go against our heart, our divine inspiration. And this is the greatest gift of all. The Freewill to leave paradise, and the Freedom to return to it as well.


Paradise lost, and paradise found. The human journey in a nutshell. It is even more accurate to say that we cultivate paradise within ourselves, rather than finding it like some long-lost oasis in the desert.

Indeed, we have all the necessary tools at our disposal. We can make time to drink beer, smoke pot, and watch TV in our free time. We can also make time to meditate, flex our creative muscles, and give our mind, body, and soul what they need to truly come alive and thrive.

In short, we can cope with the pain of living in a barren desert, or we can begin planting the seeds of a New Eden. The choice is always ours, and ours alone. Now offering free initial consultations. 

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