A Balanced Approach


Many people who have experienced getting help through social services, psychiatry, and other conventional means have found themselves frustrated by the lack of real help they have received.

Our society is very quick to create labels and diagnoses for people to try to make sense of their suffering and provide treatment for them. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the go-to solution is the correct combination of medication for that particular diagnosis.

While meds can be a stepping stone of stability for some people, a balanced and self-empowered approach is needed to truly help people heal and move forward.

It is also not uncommon for people to begin feeling like a victim of their circumstances or diagnosis. I have met people who are completely resigned to the labels and perceptions others have given them; they feel like they have to settle for a life of symptom management and struggle against a condition that is ultimately incurable.

I have found that we have the power to heal anything, if we are truly willing to love and support ourselves and take full responsibility for our pain.

The downside of a culture that focuses on symptom relief and diagnosis is that truly empowering an individual to heal for themselves becomes a relatively rarer message.